Chinoy Residence

Design Firm: Copper & Steel
Principal Architect:  Arshad Faruqui
Design team:  Radiyah Balaghamwala & Bisha Shabir
Consultants Eng. Saifuddin (structural engineer)
Area: 2700 sq. ft.
Completion: 2014
Photography: Farzad Bagheri / Quratulain Khalid | 18% grey

Copper and Steel; a diversified design house belies its name and extends its services towards the intricate interiors however big and small through an individualized approach towards every project. Hence the same space with two completely different approaches for two brothers showcases the veracity in design. Initially the space was designed for Samir Chinoy, who required a very minimalistic appearance for his portion; resulted in understated plain cement flooring that covers most of the areas, the monotony is broken with a raised wooden platform highlighting the seating space and the light well above. The spatial divide is dramatic though achieved sans physical barriers clearly delineates various space working and circulation that threads around it. The interior is white washed, wood finished in stains and textures carefully inserted creating a neutral palette that will absorb a strong infusion of color. This clearly shows the masterful proclivity of the designer towards textures, material and colours. The yellow radiates within the neutral background, sunshine creating a happy ambience that is achieved through simple yet daring strokes of design. The artifacts and art are strategically placed, the usage of colour though restrained reflects a happy, sunny interiors. The story changes; Samir Chinoy moves out and in enters the other brother Adnan with a contemporary and eclectic taste. The design paradigm goes through a shift, stone finishes are introduced for a tactile approach, varying textures come into play from jute, kilm, untreated cotton, and other fabric that adorn the upholstery. Furniture is sourced out of bygone times, old bentwood chairs of various designs are finished in varying stains compose a piece in itself.  A backdrop of stone-finished wall dramatically alters the space and the dapple of the sun; this bold maneuver adds texture to the space, and act as a datum to the layout and circulation. In a final swirl, modern hanging light fixtures are added in addition to contemporary artwork that seals the space. Two diverse interiors showcasing two different personalities; adroitly handled by the designer with great input from the client, is majorly reflected in the project.

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