Location: Various
Design Frim: TAQ Associates (Pvt.) Ltd.
Design Team: Tariq A, Qaiser & Syed Arif Haider
Area: approx. 18000 sq. ft.
Completion: 2005
Photography: Tariq Alexander Qaiser

Creating a local brand in conternporary cuisine and coffee on home turf is a tough challenge especially with franchises popping up by the dozens, Espresso made its appearance with the realization of people’s need to meet, chat, eat, drink and interact away from the confines of home. The prime focus on clientele at the inception was the burgeoning youth but the brand is a success synonymous with all age ranges. The outlets ambience has a level of formality not associates with hi-end dining, yet it is not as casual as a fast food chain and has actually reinvented the uniqueness of this modern day “chai khana”, coupled with its design and a quick cup of coffee, can be identified as Espresso’s signature.

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