February 2018: This year at Karachi Literature Festival in their exclusive book launch sessions was included the Interiors of Pakistan written by architect Maria Aslam. The author was joined on stage by renowned architect Shahid Abdulla and lead interior designer of the country Naheed Mashooqullah. The author informed the audience to the background of the book and the organization PIID- Pakistan Institute of Interior Designers that supported the project. In an interesting interactive session with the audience the book was applauded for its archival documentation of great works that highlights creativity from Pakistan and documents the changes in the field due to technology and ever increasing material flexibility.

The talk made this important realization that the awareness of interior design and the increase in thedesign industry work clearly reflects of a much greater awareness amongst the masses, hence more and more youngsters should join the industry. The audience definitively noticed that in a charged highly aesthetic oriented talk – we are at odds sitting in a mundane environment discussing sophisticated hi-end interior spaces.

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