Ismail Residence

Location: Karachi
Design Firm: Design Options
Design Team: Moyena Niazi, Shehnaz Ismail, Nimr
Consultant: Structure – Farooq Sultan
Contractor: Civil – Rashid Hasan
Area: 5000 sq. ft.
Completion: 2014
Photography: Farah Mahbub

A residence of an artist, a non-conformist, bold and mulifaceted personality that reflects the interiors in sublime ways. The non-conforming features, the audacious bold colour template, the rich tapestery and textile display with a cadence of artwork on the floor and up on the walls. The design aimed to create a serene and inspiring home for the Artist and her only daughter, goes a step further in creating a designer’s piece for an artist that one can relate to instantly. Their vast art and craft collectio, eclectic
vintage home furniture and passion for outdoor green spaces are knitted coherently through architecture that not only acts as a canvas to the elemental interiors
supported by the natural simplistic material pallete handled creatively with rich patinas on the walls, floors, metals and wooden features, on a neutral flooring og gray stone, white marble and wooden details all around. The residence does not follow a genre or period instead is a timeless journey that will further grow with its inhabitants

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