PIID Relaunch Ceremony

Saturday February 22nd, 2020

After a long hiatus, the Pakistan Institute of Interior Designers (PIID) held a relaunch ceremony on February 22nd, 2020 at the Alliance Française de Karachi. The event’s agenda included the launch of the website, social media, and announcements of new projects to be initiated by the organization.

The event commenced with an impromptu discussion on the field of interior design in Pakistan, speaking of the rapid growth of the profession and what is required for continued exponential growth. Questions were raised on technique, form, and local practices with participants drawing on their varied range and years of experience in the field.

The event officially began with an address by Shahid Abdulla, principal architect of ASA (Arshad Shahid Abdulla (Pvt.) Ltd. and a founding member of PIID. He began his address by talking about the formative years of the interior design profession in Pakistan, the monotony of the work and how the repetitive patterns, materials, and fabrics were found in residences, storefronts, and offices. The profession only grew when a handful of designers began to challenge those practices. He also spoke of his own experience as a student of architecture in America, stressing that at the time Pakistan lacked facilities or quality of education in architecture or interior design but has since grown formidably. Commenting on the perceived competition within the design fraternity in Pakistan, he stated that each practitioner has their own approach to design and that each of those is valid. “We all have our niche,” said Abdulla going on to emphasize the need for the design community to grow and support each other rather than exist in competition.

Following this, PIID Chairperson, Maria Aslam, took to the podium. Aslam mentioned notable initiatives being taken by PIID, stressing the importance of member participation in these ventures. Notable announcements included the launch of the website, featuring works of PIID members and a searchable database of members that doubles as an online listing of interior designers in Pakistan. She also announced the launch of the second volume of the book “Interior Designs of Pakistan.” The book will feature contemporary works by members of the Institute, opening for submissions in the first week of March.

Aslam announced the undertaking of a curatorial project in collaboration with product manufacturing firms to showcase industrial design work. The show is two tiered, and invites designers to delve into furniture making, lighting design, and accessory items, initially through concept and proposal and then, in development phase, through collaboration with the manufacturer. Aslam commented on the potential of this project likening it to famous products such as the Mies Chair or Zaha Hadid’s Z-Scape.

The event concluded with an address from the immediate past-chairperson, Naheed Mashooqullah, who wished Aslam and the current PIID management board the best of luck in their upcoming plans.

For Live Streamed on YouTube: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKJlMS6szdI)

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