Team A Ventures

Location: Karachi
Design Frim: Copper and Steel
Design Team: Arshad Faruqui, Madiha Mairaja, Faizan-ul-Haq
Area: 8900 sq. ft.
Completion: 2014
Photography: Ahmed Shajee

Copper and Steel, a design studio that belies its name – from architecture to interiors, furniture desing, landspace elements, tableware to art, there is nothing that the principal designer has not worked on, andthat too with panache. Though understated, Arshad Faruqui makes a statement in all of his works with a restrained
passion towards creativity and experimentations with varying metallurgy. The Team A Ventures office space is worked on the basic premise of functional,
maintenance free, minimalistic design oeuvre, the essential white space look like a thin skin wrapped around like a membrane, and acts as a backdrop to the entire
premises. Colour impedes in the from of flooring with cement tiles, and Nusserwanjee look-alike patterned tilesin tones of grey and white the seemingly floating surface is
highlighted solely by engraved motivational quotes that run around the office space, announcing the spatial maneuvering and highlighting the spatial importance.
Th ceiling is stripped, open and exposed feature of running conduits, but hierarchy is defined with drop ceiling panels at public interface spaces. The vibrancy of Colour
is breath of fresh air in shades of green on upholstery and calculated placements of indoor plants.

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