Trakker Private Limited

Location: Center Point, Karachi
Design Frim: Najmi Bilgrami Collabrative (Pvt.) Ltd.
Design Team: Syed Zayd Bilgrami, Ahsan Najmi, Sarah Najmim Bilgrami, Raazia Hasnain, Waqas Junaid
Consultants: Electrical – NEC; HVAC – KAAF Engineers; Project Manager – Aneeq Khalid
Contractors: Interior – Total Construction
Area: 18,000 sq. ft.
Completion: 2014
Photography: Shabih Haider

The first impression of TPL head quater’s interiors is that of opulence and quiet sophistication; an interior that live up to its mandate of the first and largest Car
tracking management service in the country. The office is a direct manifestation of the building it is in, the Center Point, and this redefines not only the skyline of the city but also the corporate sector of the vibrant city.

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